The Impetus Buzz

The testimonials written by our clients & candidates give us great motivation to continuously strive and excel in every assignment that we take.

Clients' Speak

Chief General Manager

Raajesh and his team take an extra effort in understanding the requirements- the role, responsibilities, skill set and the budget range for a position. Their process is efficient and generally throws up candidates with a very close match to our requirements. Our open positions are closed faster with Raajjesh and his team in the picture. As a recruiter they have a great understanding of the industry and its various applications which is one of their strengths.

HR Business Partner

Rajesh has demonstrated a high degree of expertise in his field and is extremely enthusiastic about his work, which is infectious. He works more like a Business partner than as a Consultant.


HR Manager

Raajjhesh in the true sense works as an extended arm for your business. Its really been a fantastic experience working with him. He has been challenged time & time again to deliver on the critical assignments & he has proven his skills all the times. A good advisor and committed to the deliverables.


Group Head – HR, Power Division

Rajesh is a thorough professional & an individual with a high level of commitment. He combines a rare combination of speed & insight. I wish him all the very best.


Country Manager - Sales, Energy & Infrastructure Group / Nash Division

Rajesh, as a professional HR consultant, has excellent knowledge in pre-assessing the right candidate.



Associate Vice President - HR

Peter Druckers’ quote "Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it." resembles Rajesh's approach. He earns loyalty though his service and relations. He is engaged with his customers and understands their requirement clearly. I had very pleasant experience interacting with him.


Managing Director

Rajesh is a very enthusiastic person, a good team coordinator and a very good strategist. He analyses situations and goes into depth and looks at long term objectives. His greatest strength is his analytical ability and ability to think out of the box strategically as well as to make and maintain very good personal relations.

Candidates' Speak


Raajhesh is a highly talented and multifaceted professional. He strives hard to understand the exact requirements and creates a win-win situation for everyone. He has a results oriented approach towards each task he takes up. All in all, Raajhesh makes a very good professional, a reliable friend and an excellent mentor. I wish him all the best for all his future endeavors!


Marketing & Sales - Marine Equipment, Parts & Service

'Sir' as I now like to address him, I look up to him as a thorough professional, who is extremely passionate about his work and creates a win-win situation for all the concerned stakeholders. A person who is crystal clear on his thoughts with straight, precise & highly effective communication skills; he certainly is a perfect combination of a friend and a mentor. It's my pleasure to be associated with Raajjhesh, who has helped me to take some very important decisions in life. I sincerely thank him for that & I wish him all the very best for all his assignments.

Applications - Motors - MENA Region

I am sure this recommendation will fall short for Raajjhesh, but he is gem of a person himself and moulds a candidate into a gem. He exactly knows what he wants from a candidate and what a candidate expects from a job profile and places the person in the right deserving company. I have always appreciated his way of working, and his detailing. How he works on every minute details once he takes an assignment is worth learning from him. I am happy to be known by someone like Raajjhesh Behl. He will surely rise to heights of success.

Senior Manager

It was a pleasure to be associated with Mr Rajesh Bahl. He is a helpful and a straight forward person. He works out a win - win situation for the people he is dealing with and definitely has a great sense of humor. He is truly a people oriented person who can understand the needs of the individual / organisation and offer the best solution.

Manager – Channel Sales

Rajesh is more than a recruitment consultant for me. I found him to be consistently rigorous in approach. He knows the market well and makes right offers to people who he knows will fit in the position and the DNA of the company. He is proactive in following up and scheduling interviews, and negotiates hard on the candidate's behalf. Integrity and personal approach make him an outstanding recruitment partner.

Managing Director

I met Rajesh (as he prefers to be written) during the transition from UAE to India. He is a person with great insight in his chosen field. His strong business acumen helped me take steps to migrate to India. A person with great zeal and enthusiasm, Rajesh has been a selfless person, always eager to help and find innovative solutions. His ability to think out of the box actually helped me in widening my horizons while I was contemplating which field to choose on returning back to India. It was a pleasure meeting Rajesh and I wish him good luck and Godspeed in all his endeavors.

Zonal Sales Manager

Rajesh is a warm & affectionate person, whom you would like to meet even in your most busy schedule & have a close association with. I am sure the automation industry will benefit through his new role, from his own experience & knowledge he will be in a position to offer best fit candidates meeting the employer needs & expectation on a long term basis.

Vice President

I have been associated with Shri Rajesh Bhal since long time. He is honest, very helpful, caring and a loving person. He is known in the HR field not only as a professional but also as a good human being. I think I am blessed by God to have such a professional friend who is always helpful and able to guide you. I wish him a great success.