Key Leadership Behaviours and Effectiveness

Impetus provides leaders with the knowledge, skills, practices, strategies, tools and processes to lead, support and develop a healthy organisation in which performance improvement is a way of life.

Highly Personalised

Impetus provides highly individualized, practical, hands-on Leader Development processes that build a leader’s capability to synchronize with the organisation goals; focusing more on the strategic long term aspect while meeting personal obligations and maintaining a work-life balance. Impetus conducts these on a one-on-one basis over multiple sessions which may also involve psychometrics & NLP.

Impetus focuses on developing new ways of thinking, feeling, acting, learning, leading, and relating to others in order to buildsindividual and organizational effectiveness. Adult learning works best when the executive and the coach, along with other members of the organization, treat each other as equals, focus on their mutual strengths, and believe in each other’s integrity and commitment to both coaching and the organisation.