Impetus Talent Advisory Services

Our mission is to partner with our clients to assist them in forging a competitive business advantage by acquiring the right talent across all domains. Innovation & excellence drive us to achieve quality in our service.

Rajesh Bahl

Founder Director

Rajesh is an Instrumentation Engineer from the Mumbai University & an MBA from Welingkar’s School of Management.

With over 27 yrs of experience in varied capacities across a wide range of organizations, Rajesh has had a succesful career in mid-sized and large corporations. During his time in industry, Rajesh gained tremendous experience in different spheres of the business including:

  • Organization Review & Restructuring
  • Designing Systems & Processes
  • Organic Strategizing
  • Performance Management
  • Organization Development
  • Leadership Development

Rajesh has carved a niche for himself as systems driven professional. He is actively involved in the consulting domain and has been instrumental in successfully turning around quite a few entities into a long term profitable ventures.

Rajesh has conducted Competency Mapping Workshops & mentors C-Level executives across varied domains.

Industry Expertise


We are pro-active in assisting our clients and keeping them up-to-date of current global trends. We provide talent with a proven track record & high levels of credibility, in order to provide you with much needed impetus to create the sustainable revenue generation model to keep your leadership position intact.

Our team has an undivided focus on providing the value-add as an HR Business partner at all levels of talent acquisition to the client as well as the candidate. The testimonials written by our clients & candidates are a reminder to us to continuously strive and excel in every assignment that we take.

By Industry

Whilst our reach encompasses quite a few Domain Verticals, our specific expertise in the Industrial domain has been tried and tested for a spectrum of positions within the segment.

  1. Diversified Engineering Manufacturing
  2. Energy & Infrastructure
  3. Oil & Gas
  4. Metals and Mining
  5. Process Industries
  6. Life Sciences

By Function

We undertake a well-researched set of processes to choose the best executives with specialized expertise and skills and offer excellent candidates for middle to top positions in any domain.

  1. Business Unit heads
  2. HR / IR leadership
  3. Technology Leadership
  4. Sales & Marketing
  5. Finance Leadership
  6. Support Function Leaders

Code of Ethics

Impetus is one of the foremost Retained Executive Search firms and manages complicated and complex search calls. As we greatly value mutually beneficial relationships, our company’s foundation is based on a robust code of ethics.

Impetus does, and always will, adhere to the highest levels of ethics, integrity & professionalism in its business.

Impetus believes in equal opportunity in employment for all, and will always make an objective evaluation of candidates based solely on their merits.

Impetus will always strive to exchange accurate & factual communication with its clients and candidates in all its exchanges and expects reciprocation in all stages of the relationship.

Impetus firmly adheres to the off-limits policy and does not resort to head-hunting candidates from existing clients. Any direct approach by a candidate to Impetus from an existing client is firmly negated.


Impetus undertakes to treat the data shared by clients & candidates with utmost care and will never use the data shared for any personal gain. We will never share company sensitive data with anyone during or after the completion of an assignment.

While engaging on research, we will not share any uniquely identifiable information of the client with the candidate and vice-versa without prior consent.

During the execution of the assignment Impetus will collect only the relevant personal data from the candidate that is needed to make an informed conclusion on the role fitment of the candidate and such data would always be treated as confidential.

Rajesh is a very enthusiastic person, a good team coordinator and a very good strategist. He analyses situations and goes into depth and looks at long term objectives. His greatest strength is his analytical ability and ability to think out of the box strategically as well as to make and maintain very good personal relations.

- Arvind Verma, Managing Director, AIMIL LTD